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Boston's best Dry cleaners - Dry Cleaning

Dry Cleaning

Using eco friendly solutions, we as Boston’s best dry cleaners, give a facelift to your precious garments. We deliver brighter colors and softer fabrics that you would love, each time. Using environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, we make sure, we protect your clothes along with the environment!

“Protecting your fabrics, with TLC!”

We at Bush Boston Cleaners bring to you, expert backed Boston’s best Dry Cleaning services. Offering professional care to your fabrics, we not just clean, but enhance the texture, delivering brighter colors and softer fabrics that you will love. Making use of environment friendly cleaning solutions, we ensure that your garments are speck and clean, guilt- free!

Giving your fabrics – a Facelift.

As Boston’s best dry cleaners, we are committed to the environment! Thus, we make use of the environmentally friendly cleaning solutions to charm your garments without the use of harmful chemicals.

We take care of your fabrics, be it linen, silk, dresses, coats, delicate fabrics and much more, transforming them to with brighter colors and a new life!

Shirt Laundry

Shirt Laundry

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak” -Rachel Zoe

We know what creating a first impression is all about. We do that everyday with our services. How about rubbing off our best laundry services on your professional and formal shirts? We know what it means to have a clean, laundered, crisp and perfect shirt for those meetings and programs.

As Boston’s best dry cleaners, trust us when we say we can ensure systematic cleaning following the care instruction on the labels of your shirt. Starch or no starch, we follow all your requirements to the dot and deliver perfect and seamless shirts you can bask upon.

We love to be perfect

  • Find your buttons tightened, replaced where needed.
  • Crisp cuffs and collars
  • We add a collar saver to eradicate wrinkles
  • Folded or hanged as per your specifications

Removing the stains first, we launder or dry clean your shirts to give you immaculate finish like the store. Your white shirts would remain white, while the colored ones will be nice and bright!

Free Pick Up & Delivery

Free Pick Up & Delivery

The BEST dry cleaning services around GREATER BOSTON!

Living in apartments, Condominiums or always early at work? As Boston’s best dry cleaners, we at Bush Boston Cleaners bring to you an unrivaled dry cleaning services with FREE DAILY PICK UP AND DELIVERY!

Working around you and your work schedule, we can master nay form of permutation and combinations to serve you better. from daily pick ups to weekly, twice weekly or just specific days, we are always ready at your beck and call. The pally Express Bag can be filled with all that you need repaired or cleaned and dropped of at the assigned drop off/pick up location or from your door if that is what you need.

We work and we deliver the SAME DAY or in two days depending on the action plan opted by you. And, you need not have to be present while we deliver your order.

With an effortless payment gateway via the ‘Automatic charge’ where you get your credit card billed directly, we assure you perfection!

To begin using the FREE Pick Up and Delivery Service, call 1-800-225-3269 or sign up online and we will be happy to get you started.

*If you are not at home, your drop off/pick up location must be accessible by our delivery personnel. If our delivery personnel is not provided with access to a proper drop-off/pick up area and unable to pick up/drop off your items on our first attempt, we ask you to visit the closest store to drop off/pick up your items.

Bush Boston Vip Xpress

Bush Boston Vip Xpress

Too much in your cup? Allow us to handle the basics!

We totally understand that running an errand to the laundry store while your hands are already full with other, rather important stuff, can get quite taxing! Thus, as Boston’s best dry cleaners, we at Bush bring to you an offer you cannot say NO to.


Offering unbeatable convenience, we bring to you our privilege account that includes the Bush Express Bag Service. With it you get TWO personalized Express Bags that carry your identification mark. Using it, you can fill it up with your dry clean needs or other laundry and repair requisites. Opting for a scheduled pick up, you can stay relaxed and go ahead into doing things more creative, while we deliver your order in just two days or if opted, in a day!

On the other hand, if a drive down sounds interesting enough, you could also drop your bag at our store, escaping the ‘large’ queues at our drop-off lines. ALL OF THIS – FOR FREE!

The VIP Express services entitles you all these privileges at a small surcharge. You also earn 1 point for each $1 spent on Dry Cleaning, Shirt and Wash/Dry/Fold services. With every 200 points, you earn a $10 FREE cleaning coupon as well.

With easy payment options, we assure you that when it comes to quality dry cleaning around BOSTON, you may look NO further!

*Minimum $15 order may be required*

Please contact us for more information.

Full Laundry

Full Laundry

We take care of the basics, so that you can focus on the constructive!

Eco-friendly detergents, fresh and fluffy fabric, crisp and creased clothes! Sounds like what you may witness while shopping at posh brands. That said, we at Bush Boston Cleaners, Boston’s best dry cleaners, conspire to provide the same luxury to your everyday clothing.

Daily laundry simplified!

Offering the best day to day laundry and dry cleaning services that include custom Wash, Dry or Fold and Ironing services for your daily laundry, we would like to take the burden of daily laundry off from your shoulders. We also provide Flat finish for your bed and table linens.

Choose from our daily, weekly or custom plans along with scheduled pick up and delivery options because when it comes to quality, we believe in perfection!

Next Day Service

Next Day

Quality dry cleaning services – anytime, anywhere!

Are you someone who always has a plan for everything? Well, we have one for you as far as your laundry is concerned. Schedule an easy NEXT DAY delivery for all your laundry needs with us.

Acclaimed as Boston’s Best Dry Cleaners and laundry services, we at Bush Boston offer attractive Next Day Services for that sudden event or the vaguely untimely meeting. Anything received before 4 PM by us (we can also schedule a pick up for you), we deliver by the NEXT DAY at 5 PM!

Sounds like a plan? Get access to a wide range of dry cleaning, repair, tailoring and laundry services at your convenience of time and location.



Customized Tailoring and alterations – backed by expert attention!

That dress you swore by, in dire need of attention? Or is that shirt you have too many memories tied up with, asking for a revamp? Maybe your son could after all wear his favorite baseball vest yet again with a little touch? Better still, your little girl would look lovely in that purple dress you bought her but which lost its magic in that un-eventful birthday party!!!

Wow- imagine if our clothes could get talking, we might just have a situation. Trust us when we say, we can bring them to life again!

Offering a plethora of the best tailoring and alterations services around greater Boston, we have just the right team to bring your favorite clothes back into your wardrobe. Its probably why are Boston’s best dry cleaners!

Our tailoring services include:

  • Sow tears, Rips, Pulls
  • Shorten/Lengthen Hems and Sleeves
  • Take In/Let Out Seams and Waists
  • Sow on Buttons, Patches and Emblems
  • Reline Garments
  • Offer Invisible Re-weaving
  • Replace Zippers-All Styles
  • Specialize in working on Leather and Suede
  • Provide Most Alteration Requests

Shoe Repair

Shoe Repair

All you need is LOVE SHOES!

If you are one of those who simple adore your shoes, or better still have more than ONE pair of ‘favorite’ shoes, you have to be with us here. At Bush Boston Cleaners, we not just the best dry cleaners in Boston, but also do a terrific job with shoe repair and maintenance.

Thus, if your best attire buddy is feeling off, hand them over to us and we shall make them as good as new!

Our Shoe repair services include:

  • Sewing
  • Polishing
  • Soles repair
  • Heels
  • And much more…

A great shoe – A great first impression. Believe that? If yes, then it’s time you get yours polished, sewed or just ‘taken care of’ by our experts, making you look and feel great.

Fur, Suede And Leather Cleaning

Fur, Suede And Leather Cleaning

Leather, Fur and Suede fabrics always are in need of that extra special care to maintain their texture, sheen and quality.

For Leathers that always make a statement! At Bush, we go that extra mile to ensure that your leathers are custom cleaned based on their make. As Boston’s best dry cleaners, we treat each garment with added care.

Your favorite furs that always shine. Furs always bring out the elegance of your attire and thus, they need dependable hand cleaning of the linings and revitalizing the bounce and shine of the fur. Our specialized machines not just do that but also ensure the look and feel is protected.

Once a Suede, must remain always a Suede. Harsh weather conditions can almost forever take a toll on the texture, quality and color of your suedes. Our experts at Bush, make sure that the stains are removed, fabrics are shined and colors are bright – letting you shine on!



We don’t make you feel special – we only remind that you already are!

At Bush Boston Cleaners we would like to bring luxury to your doorstep. Providing unparalleled and custom quality dry cleaning and clothing care services, we bring to you the Platinum plan. Rendering personal attention to each and every garment that belongs to you, we delegate a dedicated team towards your services.

The plan is accompanied by a Platinum card that can be placed inside your Express Bag letting us know that each garment needs a special attention. The Platinum plan includes:

  • Individual attention to each garment
  • Hand cleaning of each fabric assuring stain removal and fabric restoration
  • Hand finishing assuring eradication of wrinkles
  • Exclusive Platinum Service packaging assuring garment protection
  • Complimentary stain guard protection for ties
  • Complimentary water repel on outerwear
  • Cost effective minor alterations

Spoiling you for choices? We love to do it all the time!


Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

“Playing Dress-up begins at age FIVE.. and it never truly ends!” -Kate Spade

A wedding dress is so many things. But for starters, its memory! Memory you will live over and over again every time you lay your eyes at it. Thus, it deserves more than just protection. It deserves REVERENCE!

We at Bush Boston Cleaners create the perfect background to protect, enhance and secure your wedding dress while at the same time offer you the ability to re-live it anytime you want.

Our craftsmen construct the ideal box custom made for your dress, possessing a clear window for those infinite glances into the magical day. As Boston’s best dry cleaners, we carefully dry clean and tuck the dress in, delivering the same to you.

Relive it whenever you want – Use it again as a tradition down the years!


Corporate Partner Program

This is a great, free employee benefit to have your company receive Bush Cleaners’ award winning services with an exclusive 30% discount for one week.

All employees of your company will receive a 30% discount on all dry cleaning for a designated week. Any employee, who has never used Bush Cleaners’ services before, will receive 50% off on their first order and 30% off any other orders for the week. This includes our free daily pickup and delivery service from Boston’s best dry cleaners, that is us!

Have your Human Resource Manager or Office Manager contact us to arrange for your company to become a part of the Corporate Partner Program.