Wedding Gown Cleaning & Preservation

“Playing Dress-up begins at age FIVE.. and it never truly ends!”
-Kate Spade

A wedding dress is so many things. But for starters, its memory! Memory you will live over and over again every time you lay your eyes at it. Thus, it deserves more than just protection. It deserves REVERENCE! Our Wedding gown cleaning and preservation services are designed to give you the freedom to relive your memories whenever you want!

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation because, after-all, it is always all about the happily ever after!

We at Bush Boston Cleaners create the perfect background to protect, enhance and secure your wedding dress while at the same time offer you the ability to re-live it anytime you want. With our wedding gown cleaning and preservation services, you can visit your memories anytime – in real time.

Our craftsmen construct the ideal box custom made for your dress, possessing a clear window for those infinite glances into the magical day. After careful dry cleaning, we tuck the dress in and deliver the same to you. Relive your precious memories anytime and anywhere.

Relive it whenever you want – Use it again as a tradition down the years!